London Borough of Hounslow


The London Borough of Hounslow stretches from Heathrow Airport in the west to Chiswick in the east, and is one of the capital's most culturally diverse boroughs. It has 210,000 inhabitants, over 140 different languages and 36% of the population are from ethnic minority communities. The Council employs approximately 7,000 people and was rated as “improving well” in their last comprehensive performance assessment with a three-star overall rating. Knox D’Arcy have just carried out a very successful analysis of opportunities at Hounslow.

Gerald McGregor, Member of the Executive with responsibility for Finance and Budget commented,

Until Knox D’Arcy carried out their Survey we were finding it almost impossible to design and deliver a budget that would enable us to reduce Council Tax. They were able in the space of only four weeks to identify massive tangible improvements for us and to clearly spell out how to achieve them.”

He continued,

Knox D’Arcy is a highly professional outfit who showed a real dedication to delivering the improvements. They are tenacious and challenging, but then you don’t want consultants who simply tell you what you want to hear. These people may make you feel uncomfortable at times, but it is always done in the right way, using fact and evidence - that is how they are able to deliver outstanding results.”

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