The Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase typically requires between five and nine months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the Programme. Its purpose is to implement the blueprint that has been designed and agreed during the Preliminary Survey so as to achieve the improvements identified during the Survey.

During the course of this phase the detail of the changes necessary to improve performance and profitability are firstly identified and agreed with management, and are then implemented. The result of this approach is that the changes are introduced ‘bottom-up' thereby ensuring both authorship and ownership by all concerned. This underpins the permanence of the improvements.

During this phase each level of management will typically receive a large amount of individual training as well as participating in formal group seminars. This training is designed to address the specific technical and cultural barriers to change that are identified during the Preliminary Survey and initial weeks of the Programme. The training will improve the understanding of the systems, processes and the general management tools required to implement the necessary changes, generate the improvements, and ensure their sustainability.