PFG is situated in the province of Gauteng in Springs. It is one of the largest flat glass producers in Africa producing both flat glass and rolled glass. PFG is part of the PG Group of companies, which includes; Shatterprufe, PG Glass, PG Autoglass and the Head Office.

The flat glass industry was under tremendous pressure from the international market. Competitors in the Far East were producing and exporting flat glass cheaper than PFG and the cost of raw materials had risen considerably over the last 2 years.

At this point Knox D’Arcy were asked to re-engineer the entire company with the objective of increasing competetiveness.

The scope included all of the production lines; flat glass, rolled glass, toughened glass, mirror, bullet proof glass, architectural glass and automative glass. New processes and systems had to be implemented which would eventually feed into the company’s new SAP system which was planned to be introduced at the same time as the KDA Programme, called “fast forward”. The entire support structure also had to be re-engineered which included Sales and Customer Services as well as Stores and Finance.

Key changes were introduced during a 26-week programme to the organisation structure, management control systems and a huge training programme was delivered focussed on generating new skill sets for the management to allow them to better identify and control performance issues. This led to massive efficierncies and allowed thre business to alter the reduce the of shifts, crewing levels, increase plant throughput, reduce downtime and improve maintenance levels. Several million rands of savings were generated.

Keith Luyt, General Manager commented,

The Fast Forward Project has allowed me to streamline PFG. The commitment by the KDA team to focus me and my top team on results has put a whole new meaning into coming to work each day”