Our Methodology - Real world outcomes

Often we find managers enthusiastically implementing lean, Six Sigma, or any of the other 'badged' approaches, holding work-shops and giving out certificates while real world outcomes such as labour productivity, costs of transport, goods and overheads either worsen or do not reduce, leaving many C.E.O.s asking ‘why can’t I see the benefits in the P & L?’

The methodology we have designed to deliver significant performance improvement revolves around generating an attitude and behaviour change through a combination of designing, developing and upgrading systems, processes and structures together with highly tailored management and supervisory training.

This combination produces the step change in performance required to generate significant and sustainable results.

The precise nature of the changes is driven by a detailed understanding of our clients’ medium and long term plans and in providing them with the tools to achieve the strategic aims of the organisation faster and with less risk.

Knox Darcy methodology

Whilst every business is different, a Knox D’Arcy Programme will typically provide a return on investment of at least 2:1, or to express this another way, will have a payback period of just six months.

We firstly identify the root causes of those things which lead to reduced performance, then qualify and quantify them in financial terms. Then, working with our clients' people we implement the changes necessary to achieve superior performance throughout the organisation, ensuring that the results are both measurable and sustainable.