Our Approach

Knox D'Arcy specialises in helping its clients achieve significant financial and operational improvements in performance.

It is our belief that the performance of an organisation ultimately rests not only on the quality of the plans it conceives but on the execution or implementation of those plans.  The best strategy, without an organisation capable of implementation, is rendered worthless. We have 25 years experience of designing and implementing highly structured change programmes with a real edge - a quantified improvement figure.

You will find us totally hands on - totally practical all the way through. We do not get involved in theory. Everything we talk about we also make work for you. The benefits to your organisation will be clearly quantified at the start of our involvement.

Clients tell us that they find our approach refreshing - we are not theorists and neither do we rely on jargon and management cliches to make our point. Our role is to help transform your business but we recognise that we can only do that with your full support and within the framework of the overrall strategy of the business. Hard evidence forms the basis of all of our work which means we do not try and force a pre-designed solution onto your business, just because you happen to be in the same sector as a previous client. However, there is always learning from elsewhere that we can share and because we have specialised in doing this for more than 25 years, you can be assured that our techniques have been road tested several hundred times. We know what works and we will make it work for you.