Cemento Melon Chile

Cemento Melon Chile (Blue Circle Cement)

 Although Cemento Melon had been one of the highest performing companies within Blue Circle for some time it was seeking to maintain its position within the group and increase its competitiveness domestically.

Knox D’Arcy carried out a 24-week Programme based in the cement production facility, packing, warehousing and maintenance areas. There was also a Programme carried out in the mine which supplied the facility.

The new systems, working practices and training carried out by a team of six consultants led to immediate results.

A new Equivalent Unit of production was developed which allowed for the effective measurement and control of productivity across different departments and shifts regardless of changes in product mix and process. By week 24 the Plant was showing a 50% improvement in its productivity ratio, the packing areas a 67% improvement and the mine a 30% improvement. One-year later and the Programme’s performance evaluation continues to show ratios in excess of those quoted and targeted at the outset of the Programme.

Overall the Programme has delivered a return on investment of 3.2:1 versus a target of 2.4:1; in other words the savings paid for the cost of the project in less than 4 months.